De-Clutter Your Home Using Portable Storage


Make your agent happy, de-clutter with a portable storage container.
Make your agent happy, de-clutter with a portable storage container.


Your house is on the market and your agent wants you to de-clutter (you know remove personal items, excess furniture, items not being used stored in closets) so your home appeals to a wider array of buyers.  That means you need to move your excess furniture and belongings off-site to make your home seem more spacious and inviting.  Remember, if you store your excess belongings on-site in your garage, basement or driveway, a potential buyer might think since you do not have enough room/storage in the house the buyer may not either.

So, what do you do now?  Most people procrastinate and do nothing.   It is a lot of work to rent a moving truck, load your belongings, and then unload them into storage only to do the same thing in reverse order once you find your new house.  To solve your problem, call for a portable storage container to be delivered to your house.  With the storage container at your house, you simply load your excess belongings at your convenience.  When you are finished and your agent thinks your house is ready to sell, you call for a pick-up and the storage container is delivered to a secure, heated warehouse until you are ready for delivery to your new home.  Your agent calls this process de-cluttering, but you just completed some of your packing and you are a step ahead!

It’s just that easy.   If you need help with your de-cluttering, call UNITS Mobile Storage of Milwaukee at 414-476-8648.  We specialize in portable storage!

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