Get a Storage Unit and De-stress Your Next Move

Let UNITS delivery your storage unit to your home.

Let UNITS delivery your storage unit to your home.

The average person moves 7 times during their life.  I know it sounds high, but I have moved 6 times in my adult life already.  I have used a friends truck/trailer, the rented moving truck and professional movers, but the next move will be with a storage unit.

My first 6 moves where before portable storage units where available.   I would have to go through the hassle of finding a rental truck available when I needed it, have a friend drive me to the rental truck office, which was never close to my house.  Then I would get the truck, after waiting in line, only to discover my rental truck was last used by a smoker and had squeaky breaks.  I would maneuver the truck to my home and then start the process of loading my belongings up the ramp.  I was fortunate to have friends help load the truck because it is hard work to carry belongings up that steep ramp.   One move we were caught in a rain storm, but we had to keep loading because I only rented the truck for one day.  I thought the ramp was hard to manage before, but when it was wet it became very slippery.   This is when you spring for lunch and treat your friends to homemade chocolate chip cookies.

After loading, I would drive to my new location and the entire process would start over, but in reverse order.  We would unload quickly because I only had one day.  I would race to gas up the truck and make it back to the rental truck office before it closed, being followed the whole time by a friend because I would need a ride back to my house from the rental truck office.   The moving day was filled with stress!

Now that storage units are available in Milwaukee there is an alternative to rental trucks for moving, unless you enjoy being stressed out.  Since the storage units are delivered to your home, you do not need to drive a rental truck through town.  You will have plenty of time to load and unload because one day costs the same as one month.  De-stress your move by packing and unpacking at your convenience and when the weather is good.  The storage units load at ground level so no more slippery ramp.   Moving is stressful enough, decrease that stress level and call UNITS Mobile Storage of Milwaukee for your storage unit at 414-476-8648.

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