Help for the Hoarder – Start with Mobile Storage UNIT

moving-tipsDo you suffer from disposophobia, if so, we can help.  The excessive need to acquire leaves little room to live and enjoy your home, yet impossible to sell!  Mobile storage units are the first step and most convenient step since you can pack at your leisure.  Second is to choose a room so as not to be overwhelmed.  This room could be an area with an incredible amount of clutter or an unfinished project that you cannot wait to check off of your “to do” list.  Lastly, focus is key, save and store items go into the convenient mobile storage unit sitting in your driveway, all other items get disposed.  You can tackle this over time, 30 minute intervals tend to be most productive.  The container can be left in your driveway for easy access or we will pick it up for storage in our heated, secure warehouse .

This process works whether creating a better living atmosphere or preparing the home for sale!  First, get “Mobile Storage UNITs“, second “choose a room” and third “focus” and lastly, enjoy or sell your home!

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