How to Pack a Box 101

Here are the basics of packing a box for your move:

• Start with a good quality box and reinforce the box with an extra strip of packing tape.

 • Place a dish towel, small bath towel or bubble wrap in the bottom of the box if packing fragile items.

• Place heavy items in the bottom of the box and lighter ones on top.

• Wrap items with packing paper or bubble wrap to reduce scratching. Do not use newspaper because the ink may rub off on your items.

• Pack your boxes full. Fill extra space with towels, pillows, stuffed animals or crumpled up paper.

• Do not over pack boxes; bulging box sides can damage surrounding boxes and not protect what is inside.

• Finally, label every box with a list of contents.

Remember, the best way to protect your items during a move is to pack your boxes carefully and use the strap system inside your portable storage unit.  If you need some advice, call the UNITS customer care at 414-476-8648.

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