Moving and Storing UNIT for Summer Furniture

patio furnitureIt is easy to get a moving and storing unit delivered to your house for the outdoor furniture, bikes, mowers, leaf blowers and outdoor toys.  Check out what Steve from Milwaukee had to say about his experience with UNITS on Merchant Circle:

“This summer I added onto my patio (outdoor livingroom), but now I need a place to store all my outdoor furniture and kid’s summer toys. I called around and decided on UNITS because they had the best storage container and the fastest delivery. I will recommend UNITS to others!”

Thanks Steve!  Your car will enjoy being parked in your garage this winter.  Call UNITS Milwaukee at 414-476-8648 to get in the fall delivery schedule.  UNITS can deliver your moving and storage unit on Friday or Saturday and pick-up on Monday, allowing you the weekend to pack.  It is that easy.

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