Moving Checklist – 6 Weeks Before Moving






Moving Checklist – 6 Weeks Before Moving

  • Make list of items that are valuable or difficult to replace (grandma’s gold ring, passports, etc) and plan on carrying them with you or shipping by certified mail.
  • Make list of friends, family and businesses that need to be notified of your move.
  • Start working your way through each room taking inventory and deciding what to get rid of and what to move.  Start planning a yard sale or donating items to local charities.  Moving is a great time to recycle items you no longer need.
  • Plan to use up items or dispose of items that cannot be moved, such as frozen foods, gasoline, kerosene and paint thinner.  Remember, no combustibles, plants, or animals can be stored in a portable storage unit.
  • Dispose of flammables, corrosives and poisons.  Contact your municipality for safe means of disposal.
  • Subscribe to the newspaper in your new town to start learning about events and local culture.

UNITS delivers portable storage units as far south as Racine and Kenosha counties.  Phone UNITS of Milwaukee at 414-476-8648 with moving and packing questions.

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