Moving Checklist – 7 Weeks Before Moving


Moving Checklist – 7 Weeks Before Moving

  • Start pulling together medical and dental record.  Find new medical professionals and ask your existing medical professionals for a referral.
  • Arrange to have school records transferred to your child’s new school or daycare.
  • Call your insurance agent to see what changes to expect in your policies.  Ask if moving is covered and arrange for insurance for your new home.
  • If your insurance policy does not cover your belongings stored in the storage unit during your move, contact Tenant One for insurance coverage.
  • Contact clubs (health, social, golf) that you have joined.  Ask how to end, sell or transfer your membership.
  • Arrange for veterinarian records to be transferred.

UNITS delivers storage units as far north as Ozaukee and Washington counties.  We can be reached at 414-476-8648.

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