Moving Checklist – 8 Weeks Before Moving

Many of our customers are overwhelmed with planning for a move.  I have broken down the big moving “to do” list into 11 “to do” lists starting 8 weeks before moving.  I hope these help!



Moving Checklist – 8 Weeks Before Moving

  • Create a “move” file to keep track of estimates, receipts and other important documents.
  • Check with IRS to see what expenses, if any, are deductable.
  • Get a quote on your storage unit.
  • Budget for moving expenses and start collecting estimates.
  • Start researching your new community.  Look for community guides on-line.
  • Read up on moving and loading.   Check-out this blog for tips!
  • Start collecting boxes, packing papers, packing peanuts and bubble wrap.
  • Draw a floor plan of your new home and start deciding where your furniture and belongings will go when you unpack your storage unit.

Remember, UNITS deliveries their storage units as far west as Waukesha, Jefferson and Dodge counties.   Contact UNITS of Milwaukee at 414-476-8648.

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