Moving In Checklist – At New Home!


Moving In Checklist

  • When you arrive at your new home, check appliances, utilities and heating/cooling systems to prevent unpleasant surprises.  Arrange for repairs if necessary.
  • Make sure your new phone service is working and that you can receive mail.
  • Clean your new home and get ready for your UNIT to arrive.
  • When your UNIT portable storage container arrives, show the driver where you want it placed.
  • Start unloading, but remember you have days or weeks or as long as you need to unload.  This is one of the many benefits of using a portable storage container when moving.
  • Remove “last load” and “essential boxes” first.
  • Start unloading and placing furniture and boxes in the designated room.  Now the floor plan and box labeling really pays off.
  • Setup essentials first (i.e. microwave, coffee maker, alarm clock, beds).
  • Setup kitchen and bathrooms first.  Once these rooms are functioning, you can focus on the rest of the house at a more relaxed pace.
  • Have some fun.  Take time to enjoy your new surroundings.  Help the kids and pets get settled in their new home.
  • After your goods are unloaded, contact UNITS at 414-486-8648 to have your portable storage container picked-up.
  • Make sure the UNIT is free from debris and swept.  On the day of pick-up make sure the UNIT is unlocked!

UNITS Mobile Storage of Milwaukee wants to thank you, once again, for your business.  It was a pleasure being your portable storage container company!

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