Moving Out Checklist – UNIT Delivery Day





Moving Out Checklist

  • When your UNIT is delivered, verify with the driver where you want the portable storage unit placed and sign for delivery.
  • Your are responsible for how your goods are packed and loaded in your UNIT.   Check out Packing Tips blogs.  Personally supervise hired labor.
  • Load your goods in a pre-designated order, saving “last load” items and “essential boxes” for the rear of the portable storage unit.
  • Check every room, closet and cabinet one last time before finishing and locking the UNIT.
  • Once your goods are loaded, lock your UNIT and put the key somewhere where you will remember (i.e. on key ring or in purse).
  • Keep a friend or family member informed of your plans and locations in case of an emergency or unforeseen event.

Stay cool and relaxing knowing your belonging are being transporting to your new home.  Call us at 414-476-8648 or e-mail at with any questions.  We are here to take the hassle out of moving and storing.

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