Need Moving and Storing?

storage-units[1]So you find yourself needing to move again?  But this move there will be a 6 week delay between leaving your current home and moving into the next home.  What do you do with all your stuff?  Will Mom and Dad let you store your valuables in their garage or basement?  Do you rent a truck and move to self storage, only to then again rent a truck and move your stuff to your new home?  Do you squirrel your belongings at friend’s houses?  All these ideas are a lot of work and time!  You will be lifting every item 4 times and renting a truck twice.

In the metro Milwaukee area your moving and storing needs will be easily solved using a storage unit.  We deliver the unit  to your house, you pack and then we store your belongings at our heated, secure warehouse.  When your next home is ready, we delivery the storage unit to your house and you unload.  You pack once and unpack once.  That’s it!

Contact UNITS Mobile Storage at 414-486-8648 (UNIT) and get ready to solve your moving and storing needs the convenient way.

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