Protect Your Belonging from Shifting While Moving

photo1nls19280s1sh[1]Only UNITS’ storage and moving units come with the unique E-track (or ERack) system to secure your belongings during transit.  Once your storage and moving unit is on the road, your belongings are subject to sifting due to pot holes, short stops and freeway ramps.  The E-track system allows you to fasten your belongings to the interior walls of the storage and moving unit.  Now your belongings are secure during transit, loading and unloading.  While our competition promotes its zero-include loading our E-track system secures your belongings during the entire loading, uploading and transit process.

Call UNITS Mobile Storage of Milwaukee at 414-476-8648 (UNIT) for your storage and moving unit reservation.  Mention coupon “50% off E-strap” and receive 50% off the rental price for e-straps!  Discount may not be combined with other discounts.  Discount expires 9/1/2010.

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