Solve Your Storage Problem While Remodeling with Portable Storage Units

Store your UNIT in our heated, secure warehouse.

As someone who has lived through three remodeling projects, I know how dusty your belongings get when your home is being remodeled.  Where do you store your belongings when the house is being remodeled?  In the garage (no that is where the remodeling supplies are stored), in the basement (no that may be where you are living during the remodel), self-storage (this requires loading twice and then unloading twice).   If you are in the Milwaukee area, try a portable storage unit.

These portable storage units can be delivered to your house, you pack them and then stored on your location or stored in a heated, secure warehouse.   When your remodel is done, the portable storage unit can be delivered back to your house.

Call UNITS Milwaukee at 414-476-8648 to solve your remodeling storage problem with a portable storage unit.

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