The 7 Day Move for $199.00

Congratulations you are moving to a new place!  We can move your household using our sturdy and economical storage units in just 7 days for $199.00.  The 7 Day Move includes rental of one 12’ or 16’ foot mobile storage container and transportation within UNITS’ standard delivery area. 

This is how it works.  UNITS Milwaukee delivers one 16’ or 12’ foot portable unit to your home, you pack it, we move the UNIT to your next location, you unpack it and afterwards we come and pick-up the container.  The entire move must be completed in 7 days or less with the UNIT ready for final pick-up by noon on the 7th day.

The 7 Day Move for $199.00 expires May 31, 2011 and is subject to UNITS’ standard delivery area and availability.  Additional transportation cost for out of standard delivery area.   This offer may not be combined with other discounts.

“The 7 Day Move for $199.00” gives you more time to load and unload compared to renting a moving truck or u-haul and is easy on the wallet.  Call UNITS at 414-476-8648 to make sure you get in on this offer.

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