Another UNITS Milwaukee Satisfied Customer

groupsmMany customers tell me how happy and impressed they are with the service UNITS Milwaukee provides and how portable storage really solved their need, but Dan went the extra step and posted the picture of his UNIT on our UNITS Milwaukee Fan Page on Facebook.    Take a look!  Dan posted:

“JJ and the team at Units are top notch professionals and a real pleasure to work with. Thank you guys for everything.”


When you need storage in the metro Milwaukee area and you want service like Dan received call us at 414-476-8648.

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UNITS Milwaukee Delivers a New Rents Resolution

UNIT Picture ThumbnailHappy New Year!  The New Year brings resolution of weight lost, eating healthier (I am eating a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie as I am posting this blog) and staying connected with friends and family.  At UNITS Milwaukee our New Rents Resolution includes offering discounts on monthly rentals through February 28th!  This may be the longest lasting New Years Resolution ever in Milwaukee!   When you call please mention the “New Rent Resolution” discount on mobile storage rentals.

Please pass this savings on to your friends.  If you know of anyone moving, building a house, remodeling, restoration or selling a home, let them know our mobile storage containers can help save time and money and cut out some of the hassle of moving and storing.

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UNITS Milwaukee Delivers End of Year Discount

Winter DeliveryAlthough the weather might be frightful, we are still delivering portable storage containers to metro Milwaukee.  To let people know we are offering a $19.00 initial delivery for locations within 20 miles of our warehouse.  That’s crazy cheap.  Call before December 31, 2010 to take advantage of our End of the Year special.  May you all have a good year!

Please pass this savings on to your friends.  If you know of anyone moving, building a house, remodeling, restoration or selling a home, let them know our portable storage containers can help cut out some of the hassle of moving and storing.  We can be reached at 414-476-8648.

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Fire Restoration Project Uses Portable Storage Container

logo[1]Fire and water damage often go hand and hand.  Our customer had a house fire started by a lighting strike.  The water damage then came from putting out the fire.  What a nightmare for the home owner.  Luckily, they contacted a reputable Restoration Company and are getting their house put back together.

We delivered a portable storage container to their location, so cleaned items and supplies can be safely stored at their home.  We can deliver a portable storage container to their location usually within 24 hours in the metro Milwaukee area and at a competitive price.  Call us at 414-476-8648 or find us on the web at

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UNITS Milwaukee Honored at Convention

Janelle with AwardWe spent three days in Dallas Texas attending the annual UNITS Convention.  We gathered with other business owners and discussed portable storage, swapped business tips and learned about new product.   There was even a little time to check out the local restaurants and sites.  (had the best tomato and pea appetizers ever!)

At the awards dinner I was surprised and honored to receive the Outstanding Leadership and Achievement award from UFG.  Our first year in the portable storage business has been filled with hard work and success.  We look forward to continuing our excellent service to the metro Milwaukee market.  We can be reached at 414-476-UNIT (8648).

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Storage UNIT Discount for Active Duty Military and Veterans

Dallas Veterans DayThursday November 11th was Veterans Day. I was in Dallas Texas for the Veterans’ Day parade and to visit the School Book Depository Museum. The Veterans’ Day Parade ran through downtown Dallas and was filled with bands, floats and cars and lasted well over 2 hours. UNITS Milwaukee offers Active Duty Military and Veterans a rental discount on their moving and storage unit. This is a point of difference between us and some of our competition. Try UNITS Milwaukee when you need to move or store. Remember to let us know if you are an Active Duty Military or Veteran so we can apply your well deserved discount.

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Move or Store with UNITS Milwaukee

DeliverysmThanks Robertdad for the review on Kudzu!  Here is what he had to say about UNITS Milwaukee:

“Everything was delivered on-time as promised. The moving container arrived at 8:00am and it was very clean. Delivery man was super friendly, showed my how to use the straps and lock and was nice to my dog. Exceeded my expectations!”

When you need to move or store and want an experience that exceeds expections, call UNITS Milwaukee at 414-476-8648.
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Use Storage Unit for the Pack Rat in You

photo1kur3mnmmyh4[1]Do you have lots of items that you do not have room to store in your house?  Do you use these items every year, every other year or not at all?  After you donate some items to charity, sell some at the local resale shop, and throw away what no longer can be used, do you still have some items you are not ready to part with?

There is an inner pack rat in all of us.  I have the chest my family used to hold their belongings while immigrating to the US from Sweden.  I also have a huge amount of holiday and seasonal decorations and several pieces of heirloom furniture that my children will get once they have houses of their own.   This is my inner pack rat confession!  What do you have?

I use a portable storage unit to store these items until I am ready to give them to family members or I can detach myself from them and sell them.  UNITS Milwaukee has a small storage unit (8 x 8 X 12) that is the perfect size.  Call UNITS Milwaukee at 414-476-UNIT (8648) to get a 12 foot storage unit delivered to your home for your inner pack rat.

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Moving and Storing UNIT for Summer Furniture

patio furnitureIt is easy to get a moving and storing unit delivered to your house for the outdoor furniture, bikes, mowers, leaf blowers and outdoor toys.  Check out what Steve from Milwaukee had to say about his experience with UNITS on Merchant Circle:

“This summer I added onto my patio (outdoor livingroom), but now I need a place to store all my outdoor furniture and kid’s summer toys. I called around and decided on UNITS because they had the best storage container and the fastest delivery. I will recommend UNITS to others!”

Thanks Steve!  Your car will enjoy being parked in your garage this winter.  Call UNITS Milwaukee at 414-476-8648 to get in the fall delivery schedule.  UNITS can deliver your moving and storage unit on Friday or Saturday and pick-up on Monday, allowing you the weekend to pack.  It is that easy.

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Storage for Business Supplies


What does a business do when they have suppplies that need to be stored on the job site?   Call UNITS Milwaukee to delivery temporary storage directly to your work site.   The customer  from Merchant Circle used UNITS to store his supplies during a recent project.  See what he has to say about working with UNITS Milwaukee:

“As the owner of a small business I value local, high quality customer service. That’s why I would rent from UNITS Milwaukee again. Janelle was prompt and friendly and my container was delivered and picked-up on time. I received a phone call from the driver JJ so I did not have to wait all day at the job site. My supplies remained dry even during the heavy rains we had this summer. I have and will continue to recommend this company to others.”  – M in Milwaukee

Save your business time and money by having your supplies at the job location instead of running back and forth to self storage.  Contact UNITS Miwlaukee at 414-476-8648 when you need temporary storage.

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