Use Storage Unit for the Pack Rat in You

photo1kur3mnmmyh4[1]Do you have lots of items that you do not have room to store in your house?  Do you use these items every year, every other year or not at all?  After you donate some items to charity, sell some at the local resale shop, and throw away what no longer can be used, do you still have some items you are not ready to part with?

There is an inner pack rat in all of us.  I have the chest my family used to hold their belongings while immigrating to the US from Sweden.  I also have a huge amount of holiday and seasonal decorations and several pieces of heirloom furniture that my children will get once they have houses of their own.   This is my inner pack rat confession!  What do you have?

I use a portable storage unit to store these items until I am ready to give them to family members or I can detach myself from them and sell them.  UNITS Milwaukee has a small storage unit (8 x 8 X 12) that is the perfect size.  Call UNITS Milwaukee at 414-476-UNIT (8648) to get a 12 foot storage unit delivered to your home for your inner pack rat.

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