What’s in the Moving Container?

real-estate[1]Preparing your home for sale may seem overwhelming.  The convenience of a moving container and advice of a trusted agent may relieve some tension.  Let’s start with the exterior since this is the first impression, make it fresh with a clean front door, the lawn manicured and free of refuse, walkways free of snow and ice, and at all times of the year “lights on!”  Exterior items such as patio furniture, bikes, rakes and shovels can be loaded into the moving container.

The interior is another story.  An agents first words will include the word de-clutter.  In the “Moving Container” world we call it “Pre-pack”.  With the help of moving blankets, e-straps, bubble wrap, boxes, etc. it’s as simple as choosing what you can live without during the selling process, packing and loading or just loading into the moving container.   Items to be stored; couch, chest of drawers, entertainment center, tables, chairs, dishes, beds and anything in excess.  The container can be stored at your location for easy access or we can take it offsite to our heated, secure warehouse. Our 12’ container holds 1200 sq. ft. of items, 16’ container holds 1500 sq.ft. of items.  Fill it up!

Need a moving container?  Call UNITS Milwaukee for the best moving container in Milwaukee at 414-476-UNIT (8648).

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