What’s in my UNIT?

Leff's #2We started with a beautiful night on the outside patio at Leff’s Lucky Town in the village of Wauwatosa.   Glues where tweeted out by @UNITSMilwaukee to help patrons guess What’s in my UNIT?    Four prize packages where secure inside the locked storage UNIT.

Here are the clues for the first prize: Leff’s is pet friendly (yes, I bring my dog Reagan to Leff’s!); This prize is centrally located.  Can you guess What’s in my UNIT?  The lucky winner guessed a gift basket from Central Bark in Wauwatosa.

The next prize package had clues that where a little harder to decipher: The Navy’s General; Don’t puck around; Roscoe is here.  Can you guess What’s in my UNIT?  The answer is The Admirals prize package including a zamboni ride at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

How are you doing?  Our third prize had lots of guessers, but only one lucky winner: We are brewin’ up a good time for you; Win this prize four fun; Tix toc tix toc time is running out.  Can you guess What’s in my UNIT?  Brewers’ tickets of course!  At this point in the night, we wished we had a retractable roof like Miller Park because it started to rain and we all had to move inside.  But, not to worry, the final prize was dry inside our storage UNIT.

Final prize and last chance to win: Beer belly be gone!!; You can go for a spin or a swim here; 6 Milwaukee area locations.  Can you guess What’s in my UNIT?  A one year membership to the WAC with locations in West Allis, Wauwatosa, Waukesha, Greenfield, Milwaukee and North Shore Wisconsin.

Congratulations to our winners!  Follow us @UNITSMilwaukee on twitter for the next What’s in my UNIT? Contest.

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