Wisconsin’s Most Sturdy Portable Storage Container

photoy66ed9sldp50[1]If you are planning to move or renovate your home, you’ll probably need portable storage.  Before selecting a portable storage company, do your homework.  When you compare companies, be sure you ask how the portable storage container is constructed.  For example, it’s important that the container has an integrated roof system (vs. a roof cap) to ensure it is watertight.  Ask about the method for strapping your belongings to the walls.  This is the best way to keep your belongings stable during transit on and off the freeway.  You will want something substantial to attach the strapping to, not just an eye hook.  And, don’t forget to inquire about what the container is made of.  You will want a sturdy container made of steel and fiberglass (vs. wood and tarps).  Wood invites moisture, mold and insects.  Lastly, you need to know whether the company has a secure warehouse that is heated to ensure your belongings remain safe from the elements.

With just a little research, you’ll be able to make a sound decision that will pay dividends and afford you peace of mind.  Call UNITS Mobile Storage of Milwaukee (Wisconsin’s portable storage company with local customer service) at 414-476-8648 to reserve your UNIT today.

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